The chicken herding project erodes trust in Vietnamese blockchain

 Blockchain can bring many big changes to life, but scam projects make the community have a bad

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Tran Toan, CEO of AceStarter, said that a big challenge for the Vietnamese blockchain industry is the large number of users, strong community, but most people talk about cryptocurrencies and tokens, very few people really understand the technology. .

The consequence of not being fully equipped with knowledge but being too deeply involved in the market is that many people lose money on less reliable "carpet withdrawal" projects. When they lose money, they have an unfriendly view of technology as a vicious circle.

In addition to educating and raising public awareness, Mr. Luu Duc, Chairman of Spores Network, said that in order to erase people's bad impressions of technology, projects need to be real and proven to users. existing values ​​of blockchain.

He gave the example of a project Spores is working on with a football team in the US to build a stadium in the metaverse. In the virtual universe, the user holds an NFT and can own the seat position in the real-life stadium. Real life and metaverse elements are combined to enhance the value of the item, not just virtual projects. This is one of many ways to rebuild trust for users.

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