Stealing nearly 20 million USD in cryptocurrency and returning it

 The attacker took nearly 20 million USD worth of tokens, but kept only 10% as reward.

On June 10, the hacker returned 17 million OPs to Optimism. This person dumped one million tokens through the Tornado Cash mixer, transferred another million tokens to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin with a message asking this person to help return the money to the project. The hacker's wallet is still holding a million OPs.

On Twitter, Optimism confirmed that it had received 17 million OPs, and worked with Buterin to recover the tokens sent to him. With the loss of two million OPs, Optimism said it would ask Wintermute to compensate, and "green light" the hacker group, as a reward for finding the vulnerability.

Although the majority of the stolen tokens were recovered, the incident still affected the project's reputation as well as the token price. After the theft was announced, OP's price dropped 30% and is now only 10% back.

On June 9, Wintermute took responsibility for the loss of funds, and urged the hacker to return the tokens within a week, or else seek help from law enforcement. The vendor also had to ask Optimism to send another 20 million OPs to get the job done, accepting a mortgage of 50 million USDC.

According to analysts, the fact that the hacker only dispersed one million OPs may be because this is a new project and the liquidity source is not large. In addition, some suspect there is internal fraud in the organization, leading to confusion and being taken by hackers.

This is not the first time hackers have returned crypto after stealing. In August last year, the hacker also paid $ 600 million worth of digital money from the Poly Network.

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