Do Kwon is accused of pocketing 80 million USD per month

 TerraForm Labs employees say CEO Do Kwon transferred $80 million a month into dozens 

Immediately after the news that Do Kwon pocketed 80 million USD per month, the crypto investor community expressed anger towards the 9x CEO. "Kwon deserves to be jailed. Many people have lost huge sums of money and CEO Luna has pocketed too much. That behavior is no different from Bernie Madoff - the famous American super cheat," said crypto analyst Michael. van de Poppe wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, football player Nicolas Boulay said that CEO Terra "needs to feel the outrage of the community". However, there are also some who disagree with this view, as Bodhi Sattva said that "no one jails casino owners", implying that the money investors put into Luna was just a gamble.

In response to the community's response, Do Kwon wrote on Twitter: "There is a lot of misinformation and misinformation out there, we promise to do our part to make sure as much of it is as accurate as possible." .

He added: "Recently many 'experts' from TerraForm Labs gave interviews about the project mechanism. But double check that they are on the list of project builders," Do Kwon added. spoke up on June 9, after two days of closing Twitter.

Before being targeted by the SEC, from mid-May, Korean authorities began investigating Do Kwon's illegal capital raising and tax evasion. According to information DigitalToday of Korea collected from the Supreme Court office of this country, Terraform Labs Korea decided to dissolve the branch after a board meeting from April 30. This site said that the unusual dissolution of Terraform Labs Korea questioned the motives of the project and its founder Do Kwon. A few days after the above decision, the project cryptocurrencies Luna and UST began to fluctuate. By May 8, the "algorithmic stablecoin" UST lost its stability, creating one of the biggest disasters of the cryptocurrency market.

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