Coin meme trend helps popularize blockchain

 Speakers at CTO Summit 2022 believe that it will be easier for users to learn and popularize 

During a discussion session at CTO Summit 2022, organized by VnExpress on June 17 with the topic Locating Vietnamese blockchain, Lynn Hoang, Head of Binance Southeast Asia, said that many people still see blockchain as a super technology. , so it's time to raise the issue of "popularizing blockchain".

Responding to this, Mr. Tran Dinh, founder and CEO of AlphaTrue, member of the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, said that in some respects, it is true that blockchain is still a sublime issue. However, if you look at the statistics of NFT ownership, the cryptocurrency adoption index, Vietnam is always in the top of the world.

"People talk about the true value of trends like meme coins lately, but I think it's these cryptocurrencies that make blockchain universalization simpler. Nothing is as fascinating as learning about the technology. New technology through a fun trend can be profitable. That's the positive side of the meme coin in bringing blockchain to everyone," Dinh said.

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