Primer Integrates One-Click Bitcoin Payment Method

Significantly, several firms have integrated Bitcoin into the payment option, which shows the growth in crypto adoption. 

The crypto industry has moved a long way forward within a decade and also made a huge difference in the financial sector. 

Though some around the world are not ready to accept cryptocurrencies, a larger part adopts and accepts cryptocurrencies.

We’ve already heard of many big firms accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and so on. Now another firm has paved the way for Bitcoin adoption.

Primer, the world’s first no-code automation platform for payments, now enables a one-click bitcoin payment method globally. 

The platform has integrated this feature by partnering with a leading bitcoin infrastructure payment company, OpenNode.

As a matter of fact, Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency that is widely adopted around the globe. 

Thus, Primer has given its users an additional option of Bitcoin payment to the platform. Consequently, Primer and OpenNode have partnered to implement this feature offering the merchants a secure and simple way to checkout.

However, Primer users can access the one-click bitcoin payment option in their checkout session. This allows merchants to experience the best checkout option in just a few clicks, while it consists of no-code and bitcoin payment options. Moreover, the Head of Strategy at OpenNode, Josh Held has stated that:

“For a long time, OpenNode has believed in the promise of Bitcoin and Lightning-powered payments, and demand is currently growing at an exponential rate. 

Our relationship with Primer will allow a wide range of enterprises, from huge corporations to small businesses, to accept bitcoin payments for their customers.”

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