Five Stalls That Caught My Attention At Bitcoin 2022’s Bitcoin Bazaar

Bitcoin 2022 was home to high-profile keynotes, announcements and panel discussions. But the plebs had their spotlight as well. 

The Bitcoin Bazaar was the place to get to know some of the most interesting projects in Bitcoin merch — not necessarily world-changing but definitely uplifting.

What I first considered as a whacky Bitcoiner meme turned out to be high-quality, Italian-made lingerie run by a lovable family. 

Pablo, the mastermind behind the business, is an Argentinian emigrant with decades of experience in the underwear industry and a passion for money free from government intrusion. 

Several years ago, he combined his two obsessions and founded Panties for Bitcoin. With “no more fiat panties” and “Be Truly Confident” as company mottos, Pablo and his family — his wife Silvia and his son Michael — do their part for the circular economy, offering a 10% discount on orders paid in bitcoin.

Check the panties out at For now, only ladies’ lingerie is offered, though the family is considering launching a men’s line as well.

Every large conference seems to have a barber these days, and the Miami gathering was no exception. Buzz It Forward wasn’t offering just a haircut, though; the project’s mission is to help disadvantaged children and juveniles through sponsored haircuts and mentoring. 

So whoever had a haircut at the conference actually sponsored three haircuts for those that can’t afford it; the idea being that a good-looking hairline could be the decisive factor for landing a first job for a 16-year-old, or otherwise help in similar situations. 

When asked about accepting bitcoin as a payment, the (very likable) barber at the booth answered that it’s still a new thing for them, but they believe it’s the future.

Do you need to check “Moscow Time” several times a day? Do you have an obsession of checking whether blocks are ticking at an average 10-minute pace? 

Well fret no further, as you can now switch from fiat time to a universal Bitcoiner time with Blockwatch! 

This neat wearable allows you to switch between Moscow Time (sats per 1 USD), current block height, and a QR code of one’s public key. Fiat UTC time is available as well, but only as a flash function when certain buttons are pressed.

Coinertime (the company behind Blockwatch) is from Florida, accepts only Bitcoin via BTCPay Server for their product, and sticks to an open-source philosophy, with both the watch hardware and software available under an MIT license. 

Blockwatch is a hobby side project for the Coinertime team, their main business being Bentaus, a Bitcoin mining company that aims to build small-scale mining farms in all 50 states.

“Bitcoin embodies this revolution — it is the most important one of our time with a currency I can get behind, offering a new alternative economy based on non confiscatable sound money principles. 

It liberated me as an artist and in many ways, like graffiti art, saved my life a second time by empowering me to continue on creating conscious art for a community that reflects this same sentiment - Bitcoin is the new graffiti.”

There were quite a few artists at the Bazaar, and Mear One was the one that caught my attention due to his kickass T-shirt designs. 

Unfortunately, we only managed time for a brief chat, so I fully appreciated his work only after the conference, when I had a chance to look through his work in detail. 

To my delight, I found out that Mear One designed the album cover of Non Phixion’s “Future is Now” — one of my favorite hip hop albums of all time!

Mear One is based in Los Angeles and he drove across the entire United States to come to Miami.

Check out his work at, and read his thoughts on Bitcoin and art here at Bitcoin Magazine.

Scott and Mallory Sibley were in a similar situation, so they created SHAmory, a memory-inspired card game about bitcoin mining. SHAmory is a simple game that even a three-year-old can play (personally verified claim :) ), and it explains the basic mechanics of mining while introducing relevant terms such as “nonce,” “block,” “reward” into the vocabulary.

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