Daily Crunch: Fairly stagnant since April launch, Coinbase NFT sales volume is under $700K

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Friday, May 6, is here. The only thing important about that is the “Friday” part – and we are eager and curious to see what this weekend has in store for us, because this week had many of our colleagues using expletives in their reporting, case in point this report by Natasha and Amanda describing all of the tech layoffs we’ve seen this week.

Meanwhile, in the TechCrunch Slack today, Amanda, after some pushback with minimum context, asked: “Ron, are you implying that Britney Spears didn't single-handedly create more American jobs?” We will have more national job market analyses coming soon. – Christine and Haje

Coinbase NFT is kind of a NOT: The Coinbase NFT marketplace opened to the public this week, and unlike the line to get into an Apple store on the first day a new iPhone comes out, not as many users are flocking to the service as the company may have expected. Maybe we’re seeing some NFT fatigue. 

You can judge for yourself as Jacquelyn reports some expert takes on what might be the issue -- and whether there’s anything that can solve it.

We’ve got a ticket to ride, but we may have missed the bike: It looks like Peloton is turning its red knob to the left in order to get the company back on track, Brian reports. In a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the at-home bicycle company that came in handy when we couldn’t go to the gym in 2020 began having some struggles, but is trying to course-correct by possibly selling a 20% stake.

Missing a piece of the puzzle: When you read something that says, “Simone Giertz, YouTube’s one-time Queen of Shitty Robots, didn’t renounce her crown so much as outgrow it,” you continue. 

What follows is a delightful discussion that Brian had with Giertz on how her Yetch (you have to read it to know what this is) product collection came to be. The title gives away what one of those products is.

In what has to be one of our favorite articles on TechCrunch in recent memories, Brian joins Tony Fadell – the man behind the iPod, iPhone and Nest Thermostat – in his garage to see what prototypes and curiosities the longtime product maestro has kicking around. 

It’s a deeply fascinating tour of the products that could have been and a must-read for any gadget aficionados out there.

We also loved this piece from Carly discussing whether you should delete your period-tracking apps if Roe v. Wade turns out to be a thing of the past, pointing out that many of the app developers are already sharing details with third parties. 

“It’s unlikely the sensitive data you share with your period-tracking app is going to end up in the hands of those seeking to outlaw abortion,” she writes. “That’s not to say these tools don’t have extensive privacy problems.”

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