Superbowl Ad Overloads Coinbase, a 'Space Diamond' and Other Top Crypto Stories

Nonfungible Tidbits: All the bitcoin, cryptocurrency and NFT news for the week ending Feb. 18.

Welcome to Nonfungible Tidbits, a weekly roundup of what's happening in crypto, NFTs and their related realms.

Our lead story is the Super Bowl ad from Coinbase that worked so well that the crypto exchange's website experienced technical issues trying keeping up with demand. 

We'll also cover a Sotheby's auction where $4.28 million in cryptocurrency was the winning bid for a billion-year-old diamond, which may be from outer space.

This week's roundup also features the hostile takeover of a decentralized autonomous organization, crypto exchange FTX US opening a new stock trading program and the UK authorities seizing NFTs for the first time.

In other news, Intel will begin selling a chip customized for bitcoin mining later this year, despite environmental problems with bitcoin mining operations.

 Read CNET's story on the Intel and the environmental cost of cryptocurrency mining here. 

Here's what caught our eyes this week. Stay tuned for more next week.

Coinbase Super Bowl ad puts crypto exchange in second place in App Store

Coinbase's 60-second Super Bowl ad was a QR code floating around the screen in front of a plain background while video game music played. 

The idea was people could use the QR code to get $15 in free cryptocurrency when signing up for an account on Coinbase, and existing customers could win millions in crypto, as well. 

The ad was so successful that the Coinbase app shot up in the App Store rankings from the 168th most downloaded app to second place for iPhone users. 


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