Vietnamese people rush to dig Pi virtual currency again

 In the midst of the cryptocurrency market downturn, many people return to Pi mining 

"By the end of June and nothing has happened, I will delete the app," Ngoc Nhu, 28 years old in Binh Dinh, said. As said she has followed all the requirements from the project development team such as performing KYC, creating a wallet... but so far, tens of thousands of Pi in the wallet are still worthless.

"I do not expect the price of thousands of dollars like everyone else, just this Pi is worth to see that the effort of the past two years is not wasted," Nhu said.

On Pi Network communities in Vietnam, people like Lam and Nhu are not uncommon. Many people are returning to mining Pi when the June 28 deadline approaches. To be authenticated, they must download the Pi Browser app to submit an application.

Currently, Pi Browser suddenly rises to the top 4 most downloaded utility applications on the App Store and top 6 on the Play Store in Vietnam. According to Google Trends statistics, searches related to "KYC Pi" increased sharply from mid-June, even twice as high as the peak period in December last year.

"The important thing is to need KYC. When mass KYC is successful, the next steps can be done quickly," explained Phien Vo, administrator of the Pi mining group with more than 130 thousand members in Vietnam. According to Mr. Phien, the recent download of Pi Browser shows that the KYC process may be taking place on a large scale.

In an announcement on June 21, the Pi Network development team confirmed that KYC was available for half of the users. The mechanism of this project is that the person who gets KYC first will authenticate the latter. The highest KYC speed in this network is around 90k people per day.

"The network is making steady progress towards the mainnet migration around Pi2 - June 28," Pi Network announced. This project has also claimed to attract more than 35 million users around the world.

The fact that the development team promises to take the project to the next stage makes many people expect the value of Pi. Some community members claim that Pi will have a "consensus price" of $6,700, although there is no basis for a valuation. A survey conducted on Pi Vietnam group with more than 3.3 thousand participants showed that 75% of participants choose Pi which will cost 6,700 USD.

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