The pioneer in popularizing blockchain in Vietnam

 Mr. Phan Duc Trung is one of the big influencers in the technology community and is currently.

During the bear market, he still believes that Bitcoin will increase in price and blockchain will become the mainstay technology of the future. By the time the market was active again in early 2020, he gathered the leading cryptocurrency miners, lawyers, crypto experts, programmers in the country in the blockchain field and shared ideas about popularization. knowledge for the community.

"I still remember vividly when mentioning the intention to write a textbook on Universalizing Blockchain as a branch of informatics for high school, a cryptography master vehemently objected and thought it was a 'sick idea'. That level made me realize that blockchain has long been something very complicated, far away, so I discussed with everyone to set up a forum to popularize this technology in an easy to understand, multidimensional way. When it was officially established, I still received skeptical eyes, some people even left the popular group," he said.

Currently, Blockchain Universal Forum has more than 35,000 members, bringing together leading experts in the community and becoming one of the most influential forums in this technology field in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Trung, before that in Vietnam, there have been many good forums about network security and digital asset protection, but there is not a playground to help people who do not know anything about blockchain to approach and consult experts. make money safely from knowledge, not just from crypto.

To the birth of Vietnam Blockchain Association

After founding the forum, he also started the process of campaigning for the establishment of the Vietnam Blockchain Association. On April 27, the Association was approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, becoming the first official legal entity gathering enthusiasts to research and apply blockchain technology in Vietnam.

Trung said, the Association was originally called Crypto Asset Technology and it took six months of lobbying for the regulator to accept the inclusion of "blockchain" in the name of the association. One of the organizational differences is not going crypto. "I want to build an association on blockchain technology, gathering a large number of members from many fields such as law, education, investment, business... Without a clear legal framework, we must sit together to study and make recommendations so that the state can consult and make the best regulations, ensure that technology develops in the right and healthy direction, not simply making money fast," he said.

During the Vietnam NFT Summit event in early June, billionaire CZ, the founder of Binance, commented: "Vietnam can be one of the pioneers in accessing new technology. I appreciate that you are a pioneer in accessing new technologies. one of the first countries to have a legitimate blockchain association and one of the best in the world.Before I got here, I couldn't really imagine how widespread and coordinated it was. between the association and government agencies".

According to Mr. Phan Duc Trung, the successful organization of a major event not only affirms the prestige of Vietnamese blockchain, but also serves as a bridge for domestic startups to take advantage of the advantages of technology to participate in the blockchain industry. world economic flows. "If we put the Vietnamese blockchain industry in the global context, we can see a lot of opportunities waiting ahead. Blockchain corporations and investment funds seem to be swimming in 'international waters', they need harbors to refuel, food, even stay, settle down, create new values ​​for Vietnam.We need to seize the opportunity and make Vietnam an attractive destination in the village. It's a goal that I and many blockchain people struggle with every day," he said.

He frankly shared, Vietnam may have leading companies in Global GameFi. But the application of blockchain is much broader while the number of businesses making the blockchain platform is only counted on the fingers. Besides, the fact that Vietnam is constantly at the top of the rankings in terms of access to blockchain, crypto and crypto-assets is both a welcome and a worrying signal.

"If participating in the market with incomplete knowledge, it will cause dangerous consequences for society. So from the very beginning, I believe that in parallel with promoting the development of technology, special needs are also needed. interested in disseminating knowledge for the community, so that everyone in this technology can make money as safely as possible," said Vice President of Vietnam Blockchain Association.

At the CTO Summit 2022 forum - Locating Vietnamese Blockchain, organized by VnExpress on the afternoon of June 17 in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Phan Duc Trung will participate in sharing the picture of Vietnam's blockchain industry. The event brings together experts from large corporations to startups to look at the whole market, practical applications of blockchain technology in addition to cryptocurrencies, or traditional companies that are transforming in front of the new wave of technology. New wave like.

Parallel to the forum is a ceremony to honor 10 outstanding young technology leaders in 2022. The program is for technology leaders in organizations and businesses, under 35 years of age and with certain achievements in the field of technology.

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