Luna 2.0 'meaningless and no future'

 Players' hopes of recovering from the Luna crash are fading, while many experts believe Luna 2.0 

Pressure from market regulators in the US and South Korean police also added pressure. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating whether the promotion of UST coins violated federal regulations on investor protection, while police in the South Korean capital Seoul are also looking into it. Allegations that Terraform Labs employees embezzled Bitcoin funds to keep prices for UST.

According to CNBC, many market analysts expressed skepticism when asked about the prospects of Luna 2.0, as well as the new Terra blockchain.

"Luna 2.0 has a hard time surviving. It's just a mechanism for people who have invested too much, exchanging new money pouring in to help them compensate for some of the damage. I don't see any reason to abandon the currency. This adds value," commented Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics.

Kunal Goel, an analyst at crypto research firm Messari, thinks that the Terra 2.0 blockchain comes with a host of problems. It was released against a backdrop of unfavorable conditions for the crypto world and the macro-economy. “The absence of a stablecoin with a balancing algorithm makes it indistinguishable from smart contract platforms on the market. Regulatory scrutiny is also a key concern for investors.” , he said.

Riyad Carey, research expert at Kaiko, thinks that Luna 2.0 will face many difficulties if it wants to compete with big names like Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana.

"The original Terra version has a relatively strong ecosystem, but mainly revolves around UST and aUST. Many activities are based on burning the original Luna to generate UST. Luna 2.0 does not have this mechanism and will face inflation, and its name is also associated with the biggest cryptocurrency crash in history. The road ahead of Luna 2.0 will be very difficult, "said Carey.

Khaleelulla Baig, founder and CEO of KoinBasket, warned Luna has no future as founder Do Kwon has lost credibility with the community.

"He doesn't build protections even when given the opportunity. It makes no sense to build new Luna coins in the existing community. Wise people will move to the underlying digital currencies, instead of pouring money. source of money into venture capital, "he commented.

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