Debt thousands of dollars because running games make money

 Nguyen Tu (Binh Thuan) borrowed money from a bank and exchanged it for more than 6,200 USD

However, about 10 days later, the app announced maintenance for more than a day. Then, WSS - a token created in the game with an infinite supply - suddenly dropped in price to $0.0008, although it had previously held at more than $0.001. By the afternoon of the same day, the price of this token was $0.0005.

Notably, the application locked the feature to switch from WSS to BUSD - stablecoin parity with the USD - on July 26. The next day, all BUSD transfers as well as WST game governance tokens were stopped. The NFT shoes were left unusable for several days, before being re-opened on July 28. Even so, the amount of WSS generated when running is halved.

"The nearly $3,000 token I earned is still stuck in the game, can't be withdrawn, while the time to pay bank interest is coming," Mr. Tu said.

On the WingStep Telegram group and the app group on Facebook, panic is occurring. Some people who invested money to buy smartphones and NFT shoes said they got thousands of dollars stuck in their game accounts.

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