Crypto miners turn on 'hibernation' mode

 Hoang Hai, a cryptocurrency miner in Dong Nai, is looking through forums and experts to find 

Trung Kien, a longtime excavator installation and maintenance specialist in Hanoi, said that turning off and on the machine is not as simple as disconnecting the circuit breaker or pressing the power switch. If not done properly, the machine will quickly die. This mechanism can be understood as a desktop user suddenly unplugging or shutting down with the power key, which can significantly reduce the life of the device.

According to Mr. Kien, the principle of "hibernation" of the excavator is quite similar to that of a PC. Users need to manipulate the correct process, switch from active to sleep mode, then turn off. Similarly, when starting up, you have to turn each step in turn. "If the machine starts with Windows, the plowman must also design its own software and algorithms so that the machine can turn on and off by the hour and calculate the best performance for the life of the device," he said.

On cryptocurrency mining groups, the service of "hibernating buffalo herding" also began to appear. Minh Nghia, the administrator of a cryptocurrency mining association with more than 60,000 members, said that not everyone understands programming and can write "hibernate" software. Therefore, some small-scale miners often look to package services to send miners to wait through the "crypto winter", which helps reduce maintenance and operating costs. During the sending period, if the device breaks down, they will be compensated, so the sending service is still expensive during the volatile period.

According to Viet Anh, a workshop owner in Da Nang, after just a few hours of posting information, 400 places to send his excavators were booked by customers. According to the commitment, each day the system will plug in and run for 19 hours, take a 5-hour break during peak hours. The average price for each machine is from 1 to 1.5 million VND, depending on the type of graphics card. This care package includes electricity, cleaning fees, maintenance and a commitment to pay if the main is damaged.

According to Viet Anh, his customers are mainly those who have "returned to shore", sending short-term machines to wait for the market to stabilize. "Meanwhile, those who borrow money to mine coins or hope to break even are still trying to mine more. But if the price of ETH continues to fall and electricity prices are as high as it is now, mining could lose money, forcing miners to choose choose to sell cards to cut losses," he said.

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