Crypto Weekly Review June 5 – A Bullish Sunday Would End the BTC Rout

As Bitcoin has become a widely discussed investment topic, investors are looking for more opportunities to incorporate Bitcoin into their portfolios. 

As many investors are comfortable with using ETFs and other index-linked products due to their relative ease and diversification benefits, they may notice that U.S. ETFs are not yet eligible to have spot Bitcoin exposure.

 Instead, most of the index and ETF world uses crypto-related equities as a method of providing exposure to Bitcoin, while also exploring thematic trends related to the digital transformation.

 But not all crypto equities are built equally—some have a direct relationship between their profitability and the price of Bitcoin, while some may just share broader themes or underlying blockchain technology. 

This note provides a high-level overview of crypto-related equities—a relatively new area that many investors may not be as familiar with—and how different subsectors are exposed to Bitcoin.


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