Nonfungible Tidbits: This week in bitcoin, crypto and NFTs

 Jimmy Butler, Picasso NFTs and bitcoin mice.

Hello again, and welcome to CNET's second edition of Nonfungible Tidbits, where we round up a few of the most interesting happenings this week in cryptocurrency, NFTs and related realms. 

Other than Bitcoin slowly making its way above $40,000 for the first time since November, the biggest story this week was the $324 million hack on crypto platform Wormhole, which the company confirmed on Wednesday. 

In an interesting turn of events, a company called Jump Crypto stepped in the next day and paid the money back to Wormhole -- but no word from the hackers yet. 

In other news, GameStop announced a partnership with a blockchain startup on Thursday and confirmed plans to create an NFT marketplace. Here are a few other stories that caught our eyes this week.

'Trust yourself, not celebs,' says NBA player Jimmy Butler in Binance's new ad campaign

The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange has partnered with NBA player Jimmy Butler for a new ad campaign with a deceptively simple message: "Trust yourself, not celebs." 

Binance's campaign is somewhat ironic -- Jimmy Butler is a five-time NBA All-Star -- and it comes as celebrity influencers are increasingly under fire for promoting cryptocurrency and NFTs to their audiences.

 A lawsuit alleging a pump-and-dump scheme was recently filed against Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and others by a group who bought a cryptocurrency promoted by the celebrities. 

Nevertheless, celebrity and cryptocurrency remain intermingled. and FTX, two major cryptocurrency exchanges that compete with Binance, have both bought ad time on this year's Super Bowl, which is less than two weeks away. recently released an ad campaign featuring Matt Damon.

Picasso's estate isn't OK with NFTs of his art

 Perhaps to avoid confusion, the BitMouseDAO spokesperson told Motherboard, "We explore consensus on the value of crypto and our vision for the future of technology. We don't make a biochemical monster."

That's it for this week's tidbits. Thanks for reading. If you're so inclined, here's last week's edition of Nonfungible Tidbits. We'll be back with plenty more to talk about next week. In the meantime, check out this story on quantum computing and cryptocurrency by CNET's Stephen Shankland. See ya soon. 

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